Drunk driving offenses can be won, and you want the best lawyer you can get. As a local DUI lawyer, Attorney Aaroe has the experience that you want in your lawyer. Attorney Aaroe gets referrals from other dui lawyers, Judges and District Attorneys. He even is asked to represent lawyers themselves when they have had one too many, and make the mistake of driving.

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Not every criminal defense attorney knows DUI law like a real DUI lawyer. A normal criminal defense lawyer may handle a few DUI charges a year. How do they know how to win a dui charge? Many dui lawyers cost $10,000.00 just to evaluate your case. Some DWI attorneys quote small initial retainer fees and then hit you with a huge bill at he end. DUI lawyer Paul Aaroe can quote you a
flat fee. No surprises, and no huge fees up front. DUI attorney Paul Aaroe (the DUI GUY) often retains dui expert help in evaluating your DUI case. From blood results to breath tests, sometimes an dui expert is what is needed. Not every DUI lawyer can give you the legal help you need to win a DUI case or a DWI case.

Many people ask me how to beat a dui? Well, every case is different. Some cases require experts, and some dui cases are a matter of limiting the penalties. most cases do not go to trial. In one county, only 17 of 4000 cases went to trial in a year.

Criminal charges are best handled by the best criminal defense attorneys. You want your DUI charges handled by the

NEW LAW - Should I refuse the blood test on a DUI arrest? In Pennsylvania, if you are arrested for the first time you should not refuse the test. If, however, it is a second offense within ten years, maybe you should REFUSE THE BLOOD TEST! A new decision has held that the grading of the offense cannot be increased due to your refusal. This could mean much less potential jail time!!! HOWEVER, the refusal will probably result in a double license suspension. Make this decision wisely based upon your main concerns. (This case law is constantly developing, so legal advice should be obtained NOW.)

Many people do not realize that they can get a DUI from prescription drugs if impaired, or marijuana even after they are no longer high! The marijuana tests show metabolites or inactive and active ingredients for a long time after ingestion. If these levels are over the prescribed limits set forth by law, you  will be charged with a DUI. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL BE FOUND GUILTY! Many Prosecutors will agree to a plea bargain on these cases if your limits are low.
In prescription cases, just because you have a valid prescription does not mean you can drive. If the prescription you take is impairing your ability to operate a motor vehicle, you cannot drive without being subject to a DUI prosecution.

As is often the case, a marijuana DUI also comes with the charges of possession of marijuana or possession of drug paraphernalia. I can often have all charges dismissed and keep the criminal record clear with an expungement of the charges. The Possession charge carries with it additional license suspension and fines and possibly jail. The paraphernalia charge is up to a year in jail and could affect the right to carry a firearm.

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